Monday, May 23, 2011

Terre Haute is #1 in the State

My second stop on the CMN-Walmart tour was downstate in Terre Haute. I was very excited to visit because I had never been there before. The employees were very welcoming. I entered the store through a human tunnel and there were red Riley balloons everywhere. Mayor Duke Bennett was onhand to show his support for Riley Hospital and to congradulate Walmart #1310 for being the top fundraising store in Indiana. Store Manager Gary Francis then revealed the banner that will hang in their store showing that his team of associates are a gold level team for raising over $31,000 last year for Riley Hospital for Children & Childrens Miracle Network. He encouraged everyone to stay motivated so they could raise even more this year. Rod Henry, the President of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, made me an honorary citizen. And to my surprise, they had a cake made with my picture on it!!! I was then presented with a Walmart gift card which I used to shop for the kids at Riley. I bought them books, DVDs, art supplies, toys, legos, and coloring books.

We spoke to so many Riley families at this event. It seemed like each individual had a Riley story to share. And I think that is what makes this store such a fundraising success story. You have this small town, close-knit community, who like the rest of us, is being effected by tough economic times, but everyone has a personal connection to Riley and that seems to be their driving force to give. They are dedicated to this fundraising event because it hits so close to home. And they are determined to beat out all the other stores in the state, overpowering even the bigger, metropolitan area Walmarts. Gary Francis' team at #1310 has a competitive edge and a compassionate spirit. Thanks for your continued support and loyalty to Riley Hospital for Children.
Earlier this month, I attended the 2nd annual Riley Children's Cancer Center Prom. This event was started last year for kids just like me undergoing treatment for cancer. This years theme was "Wonderland". I had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones too. I danced all night long. I only left the dance floor to refuel with ice cream & cookies. This photo shows me with the Riley Childrens Foundation President & CEO getting down!!! Kevin has some really great moves. He taught me a dance called the "sprinkler"!! We even crowned a king & queen My moms says this is an opportunity for all of us to forget about hospitals, IV's, injections, medicines, surgeries and all the stuff we have to got through everyday in dealing with pediatric cancer. On prom night, we celebrated life and just enjoyed being kids. Thanks to all who helped make this fantastic event possible. It was a night to remember!!

Here is a photo of me with the girls from the Notre Dame Softball team with Coach Gumpf!! Thanks for coming out to show your support for Riley Hospital for Children!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thanks Coach Gumpf and the entire Notre Dame Womens Softball team.

I love my jersey!! Your love and support mean the world.

And & Tatum are in our prayers daily. Remember.......sorrow looks back, worry looks around, but faith looks up!!! Stay strong!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My photo is at every register to remind people to make a donation to help Indiana kids like me!!!

The Path of a Champion

Today, it all became real. The launch event at the Mishawaka Walmart to announce me as the 2011 CMN Champion for Indiana was a huge success. There was an incredible turnout and the show of support for Riley Hospital for Children was out of this world. I am so proud to be representing Indiana and Riley Hospital. I was presented with a new bicycle and a giant gift basket along with a Walmart giftcard!!! WOW!!! I was being recognized for being a tough little girl with the heart of a champion in my battle against cancer; honestly I was just being myself and doing what had to be done. The way I see it, losers quit when they are tired and winners quit when they have won. I WILL NOT QUIT!!!!