Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Super Party for Super Baskets

 In honor of Super Baskets of Hope and the completion of assembly day, an evening cocktail reception was held to celebrate this awesome project.  In the days prior to the Super Bowl, Super Baskets of Hope had already made such an impact that the NFL made it its official charity.  Super Baskets of Hope was even given a spot in the Super Bowl pre-game show, highlighting the events of the week.  The reception was attended by approximately 75 guests who had played a big part in Super Baskets of Hope.  I was lucky enough to be include with this elite group of outstanding individuals and was both honored and humbled to be there.  Seriously, I was the only one in attendance who was under five feet tall.  It was a very grown up party!!! :)  The three men in the photo below are all great members of the NFL, but for me, more importantly, they are people who care about doing kind things for kids that make a difference off the field.  Coach Tony Dungy, Kurt Warner, and Mike Furrey are all huge supporters of Super Baskets of Hope and are personally involved in every aspect of it!!  Thanks to them and all who had a hand in Super Baskets of Hope.  It was a huge success.  Here is a video clip from Super Baskets: 

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